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AMA Guides® Digital Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. AMA Guides Editorial Process and Panel
    • Overview of the new AMA Guides Editorial Update Process
    • About the AMA Guides Editorial Panel
    • Information on Submitting Proposals to Update the AMA Guides
    • Attend AMA Guides Editorial Panel Meetings
    • Effective Date
    • The AMA Guides Sixth 2023 will be considered the most recent edition of the AMA Guides effective January 1, 2023.
    • Update Cadence
      Significant changes to the Guides are identified at least a year ahead of publication, enabling stakeholders to participate and prepare. The AMA has set an annual cadence for publication of Panel-approved updates. This update cycle allows for timely and incremental change that can be more easily reviewed by each jurisdiction prior to adoption.

      Except for AMA Guides Sixth 2021, updated content to the AMA Guides will be released on a consistent basis each year around October 1, becoming effective January 1. Stakeholders have access to the new content for 90 days before it is considered the most current version of the AMA Guides Sixth Edition.

      The AMA Guides Sixth Edition (2008) is considered the foundation for proposed updates to the AMA Guides, and future updates to the AMA Guides will build upon the changes that precede them (e.g., AMA Guides Sixth 2022 will build on AMA Guides Sixth 2021). There is not a seventh edition of the AMA Guides and AMA Guides Sixth Edition 2021 is not considered the seventh edition of the AMA Guides.
    • Education Modules with CME Available
      AMA Guides Education offered via the AMA Ed Hub™ offers an overview of the new editorial process and the latest content updates to the AMA Guides effective in 2021, which impacts mental and behavioral health subject matter. Through our AMA Guides education module, physicians, regulators and other medical professionals will gain a thorough understanding of how the AMA Guides Sixth 2021 update will impact impairment rating methodology. Up to 0.25 PRA Category 1 Credit is available.
  2. Using AMA Guides Digital
    • Search
      The search bar in the global menu bar can search across all content. Use the dropdown next to the search bar to specify All Content, All Books (Guides Sixth, all years), or All Newsletters.
      On the search results page, you can use the left column checkboxes to specify Guides Sixth or Newsletter, topics, date range, etc. You can also specify the version -- (2008), 2021, or future versions as they publish. Click on the chapter or article name to open it. You will see a checkbox next to the chapter or article name if you have access, or a shopping cart if you do not have access or are not logged in.
    • Standard and Split Views
      AMA Guides Digital uses two different content views. Split screen is the default for Guides Sixth Content and enables users to see table, figure, and reference content side by side with the text. There are also tabs on the right for navigating the chapter sections and seeing related content from other chapters and from newsletter articles. Standard view is the default for newsletter articles and is optimal for viewing on smartphones and tablets. At the top of each content page is a content bar where user can switch the view.
    • Tables & Figures
      At the bottom of each table and figure is a view large button that will launch that item in a new tab. There users can use the browser zoom to enlarge for easier reading. Figures also have a download slide button that will open the figure in a presentation slide with caption and citation. Each edition also includes a tables link in the top navigation that opens a page listing all the tables for quick access.
    • Connected Content
      Chapters that have updates in newer Guides Sixth release have a shaded Connected Content box at the top to easily navigate to newer or older versions of that topic. Click on the year to see that chapter. 
    • Newsletter
      AMA Guides Newsletter is fully searchable and browsable. From the Issues page, users can toggle to specific issues by choosing the decade, then year, then month. Free excerpts of each article are available for non-subscribers. Users can subscribe to the full content from 1996 to present or rolling access to the most recent 6 issues (1 year). New issues are posted around the first week of even-numbered months.
    • Devices
      AMA Guides Digital works with any device that has an internet connection and current browser. The site is fully responsive, and standard view works best for smartphones. There is no app or content to download.
    • Content Toolbar: Sharing links, Permissions, and Citations
      The content toolbar at the top of each chapter or article has several tools to help with use of AMA Guides content. Sharing links allows you to post links to select social media sites. You can also copy and paste the URL from the address bar into an e-mail. This does not open access to non-subscribers, but helps users collaborate with others. Get permissions sends a request to AMA Guides staff if you would like to use AMA Guides copyrighted content in educational materials, presentations, training, etc. Citation provides the standard citation that you can copy and paste into reports or other places you are using AMA Guides content, subject to the Terms and Conditions for authorized use.
    • Browser tools
      AMA Guides Digital supports common browser functions, please see your browser help area for information. These include:
      • Bookmarking/Favorites
      • Searching within the page
      • Zoom
      • Shortcuts
    • Login/Access
      AMA Guides uses AMA Single Sign On (SSO) for individual accounts. Your subscription is automatically added to the same account you use to purchase at the AMA Guides Store and is available immediately upon purchase. You can use the login in the upper right corner.
      Institutional accounts may use IP authentication and/or referring URL to authenticate.
      Authenticated users will see their name or their company name in the upper right.
  3. Purchasing/Subscribing
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