How do I rate a patient with chronic myelocytic leukemia, and what are the differences between doing this with the Fourth and Fifth Editions? He has a history of benzene exposure, and the work-relatedness of this disorder has been accepted. He is anemic (requiring periodic transfusion), has a low white blood cell count (with associated problems with infections, requiring continuous use of antibiotics); and has a low platelet count (however, he has not had any bleeding and does not require platelet transfusions).


Section 9.1, Principles of Assessment outlines the process of interpreting symptoms and signs. Table 9-1, Functional Classification of Hematologic System Disease (5th ed, 92), presents four classes (I-none, II-minimal, III-moderate, and IV-marked) based on the extent of signs and symptoms. The anemia is rated by means of Section 9.2, Anemia (5th ed, 192–193), and Table...

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