The independent medical evaluation (IME) process is divided into three phases: pre-evaluation, evaluation, and postevaluation. In the September/October 2000 issue of The Guides Newsletter, we explored what occurred prior to the evaluation (e.g., arranging the evaluation and reviewing the medical records). In this issue, we examine what occurs after the examinee arrives in the physician's office. The evaluation consists of several steps, which include

It is imperative that the evaluation reflects the physician's professionalism. The physician and the office staff members should always treat the examinee with dignity and respect.

The Guides Fifth Edition explains in Section 2.1 “Defining Impairment Evaluations” (5th ed, 18) that IMEs are not the same as impairment evaluations. An IME is performed by a physician not involved in the examinee's care and often addresses issues beyond impairment. The evaluation must be designed...

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