The individual whom I was asked to evaluate had sustained a comminuted patellar fracture which was treated surgically. X-ray films after surgery showed more that 3 mm of displacement of the major fragment. A current film was reported by the radiologist as “…the displaced fragment reduces the patellofemoral joint space to 0 mm, but otherwise the joint space is normal.” Should this individual be rated by Table 64, “Impairment Estimates for Certain Lower Extremity Impairments,” as “Patellar fracture… displaced more than 3 mm” (and thus be 5% whole person), or should the impairment be rated from Table 62, “Arthritis Impairments Based in Roentgenographically Determined Cartilage Intervals,” as Patellofemoral arthritis, “0 mm cartilage interval” (and thus be 8% whole person)?


The first step to take is to personally view the x-ray film. I suspect that the film showing the...

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