How should I rate the impairment of a knee that has had an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with good stability on post-operative examination? Table 64 (4th ed., 85) does not discuss cruciate ligament reconstruction.


In general, rate knee ligaments based on the amount of instability present after the individual reaches maximal medical improvement. Table 64 lists cruciate or collateral ligament laxity (mild, moderate, or severe). The terms mild, moderate, and severe are not defined. Many collateral ligament injuries result in a stable knee with no laxity after operative or nonoperative treatment. If there is neither laxity nor meniscal injury, then there is no impairment (0%).

The cruciate ligaments have a poor blood supply and when injured heal poorly. For this reason, if a cruciate ligament is ruptured, anatomic repair is not possible and the ligament must...

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