QUESTION: In assessing impairment using the AMA Guides, Sixth Edition, what are the criteria for using Table 16-2 for calcaneal fractures—is it intra-articular displacement or is it both intra- and extra-articular displacement? What criteria are used to designate mild, moderate, and severe displacement?

In the case of an extra-articular displacement, a fracture of the tuber calcanei can cause a negative angle of Bohler, and therefore, a Class 3 would apply. Is that fair compared to a Class 2 for an intra-articular fracture, which has great clinical consequences?

ANSWER: You are asking about definitions for the words “mild,” “moderate,” and “very severe” found under calca-neal fractures in Table 16-2, Foot and Ankle Regional Grid: Lower Extremity Impairments (6th ed, 501-508). These terms are not defined in the table.

For angulation, there is some guidance, in that Table 16-21,...

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