QUESTION: Using the AMA Guides, Fifth Edition, how do I rate a laceration to the left foot that resulted in amputation of the third toe at the middle of the proximal phalanx along with some numbness to the next toe?

ANSWER: In the AMA Guides, Fifth Edition, Chapter 17, The Lower Extremities, provides less detail on the assessment of amputation of phalanges than does Chapter 16, The Upper Extremities. However, the criteria listed in Chapter 17 and principles from Chapter 16 can be used to define impairment.

Table 17-32, Impairment Estimates for Amputation (5th ed, 545) provides the following information:

The first number is the whole person impairment, the second number in parentheses is the lower extremity impairment, and the third number in square parentheses is the foot impairment.

If more than one toe is...

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