Published by Healthy Living Publishing, LLC, Kailua, Hawaii, 2015

The physician and policy wonk Nortin Hadler, in his thought-provoking book, Stabbed in the Back (2009), harshly condemns workers’ compensation for too often promoting a disability mindset among injured workers. To retain the benefits of the system, he complains, the worker must constantly be promoting himself as disabled. He even calls the system “evil.”

Notably, Dr. Hadler's audience was (and is) probably for a general readership and especially – to wax narcissistic – for people who enjoy reading books about disability, insurance, and all things medical.

Chris Brigham, MD, the AMA Guides expert, has authored a new book that, among other things, sends the same message, but does so with a much softer touch. His primary audience, meanwhile, is injured workers – that is, patients. The secondary audience...

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