In the AMA Guides, Sixth Edition, upper limb entrapment neuropathies are rated using Section 15.4f, Entrapment Neuropathy (6th ed, 432–450). In part 1 of this series, we looked at many of the rules and facts about rating nerve entrapment or focal neuropa thies. In this part 2, we examine how to read and match the findings in an electrodiagnostic report to the criteria in Appendix 15-B, Electrodiagnostic Evaluation of Entrapment (6th ed, 487–490), as explained in Section 15.4f, and determine the severity of the test findings as listed in Table 15-23 (6th ed, 449).

Clear definition of terms is important.

Electrophysiologists and the AMA Guides, Sixth Edition, categorize abnormalities on nerve conduction testing (NCT) by severity. Conduction delay is considered mild, conduction block is considered moderate, and partial or complete axon loss (death of axons in the nerve)...

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