How does one rate a sleep disorder in association with a musculoskeletal injury?


Sleep is an activity of daily living like eating, work, and sex. The impairments for musculoskeletal injuries in chapter 3 reflect the effect of the injury on all activities of daily living. A patient's injury may cause more of an effect on one activity of daily living than on others, but the rating in chapter 3 includes the effect of the musculoskeletal injury on sleep. A sleep disturbance caused by a central nervous system disorder is rated as described in chapter 4, “The Nervous System,” in section 4.1e, “Episodic Neurologic Disorders.” Table 6 (4th ed., 143) provides impairment criteria for sleep and arousal disorders due to primary neurological disorders. Sleep apnea is rated according to the directions on pages 163–164 in chapter 5,...

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