American Medical Association, Chicago, Illinois, 2010

Reviewed by Ella Rosamont-Morgan, BS, COMT

Admittedly, I thought I knew much on the subject of disabilities and impairments from the one course I had in Low Vision, but finally, Bernard R. Blais, MD, author of AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Ophthalmic Impairment and Disability, has written a very easy to read and understand paperback book I would recommend to be part of the curriculum for all three levels of Ophthalmic Medical Programs (OMP) and others in the medical field. I procrastinated about reading this book and found, once I started reading, that it is a compact ophthalmic assessment masterpiece.

I was surprised that I took this information so personally… Even though some of it is not the usual language that I am used to reading, it contains unique methods and...

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