Sun-related skin disorders are rated, as are all dermatological disorders, by Chapter 8, The Skin (5th ed, 173-190, 6th ed, 159-182). Skin disorder ratings are based on three factors: 1) the presence of a skin disorder (signs and symptoms), 2) need for treatment, and 3) interference with activities of daily living. Each of these factors must be evaluated and the rating based on reliable information. If there is no interference with activities of daily living the impairment is confined to a class 1 impairment of up to 9% whole person permanent impairment.

Case Presentation

The review of a rating for sun-related disorders illustrates some of the challenges that a physician new to the rating process may encounter. The following case illustrates that precautionary guidance to reduce sun exposure is not equivalent to interference in activities of daily living and the...

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