Chicago, IL: AMA Press; 2008

Reviewed by Richard T. Katz, MD

A new monograph, edited by J. Mark Melhorn and William E. Ackerman, entitled Guides to the Evaluation of Disease and Injury Causation, has been published by the American Medical Association. The purpose of the book is to offer health care providers a cogent framework in which to opine whether a condition is work-related or attributable to a specific event. Any Independent Medical Examiner is familiar with this conundrum, especially in the light of sometimes inexact science, vagaries of legal interpretation, and a poor understanding of the evidence by some clinicians. This book makes enormous strides to address all of these issues.

Carpal tunnel syndrome serves as an illustrative example. When is carpal tunnel syndrome work-related? Despite excellent reviews published by the government, published in respected monographs,...

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