The Guides do not provide a diagnosis-based estimate of impairment due to syringomyelia, a disorder in which a cyst, called a syrinx, develops within the central spinal cord destroying neural tissue as it expands. The Guides, however, does provide an approach to rating a syringomyelia based on objective findings of neurological deficits identified during a neurological examination and demonstrated by standard diagnostic techniques. Syringomelia may occur after spinal cord trauma, including a contusion of the cord. The following case exemplifies the rating process.

The diagnoses in Mr. Jones' case include:

There are several components to the impairment assessment, including cervical spine and corticospinal tract, thoracic spine, and dysphagia.

Cervical Spine and Corticospinal Tract Impairment

The issue of rating Mr. Jones' cervical condition is complex with respect to the correct method that applies. The Guides note in Section 15.2 Determining the Appropriate Method for Assessment...

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