Erroneous impairment ratings are common and therefore every rating must be reviewed to determine if it is accurate and unbiased. Analyzing bad reports to identify errors and strength is an effective learning exercise. You will maximize your own learning experience by independently critiquing this report and comparing your conclusions to those provided.

Erroneous Report

As requested, Mr. Steve Examinee was seen at my office for a Qualified Medical Evaluation on August 24, 2006 regarding his right wrist injury of November 2, 2004.

Occupational Description

He is a retail clerk liquor manager. His duties involve off loading pallets of cases, box cutting, stocking, security capping, shelf tagging, cash register operation, laser gun ordering, file maintenance, bagging groceries, and loading shopping carts.

Work History

This is the only employment he has known since age 16 having begun work there in December 1973. He currently is...

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