In rating spinal impairment, should I use the range of motion method if there are findings of multilevel degenerative disc disease?


Not necessarily. As explained in Section 15.2, Determining the Appropriate Method for Assessment (5th ed, 379-381), the Range of Motion (ROM) method is used in certain situations. On page 380, at the top left, indication 2 states “when there is multilevel involvement in the same spinal region (eg, fractures at multiple levels, disk herniations, or stenosis with radiculopathy at multiple levels or bilaterally). On the same page at the bottom right, item 4 provides further clarity stating to use the ROM method if “there is radiculopathy bilaterally or at multiple levels in the same spinal region.” However, the ROM method is not used merely for degenerative disk disease and effects thereof, including disk bulges and herniations that...

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