Chairs, Contributors, and Reviewers

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Chapter Chairs

  • Margit Bleecker, MD, PhD

    Center for Occupational and Environmental Neurology

    Baltimore, Maryland

    The Central and Peripheral Nervous System

  • Francis I. Catlin, MD, ScD

    Baylor College of Medicine

    Houston, Texas

    Ear, Nose, Throat, and Related Structures

  • Linda Cocchiarella, MD, MSc

    American Medical Association

    Chicago, Illinois

    Impairment Evaluation and

    Records and Reports

  • August Colenbrander, MD

    California Pacific Medical Center and Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute

    San Francisco, California

    The Visual System

  • Edward Covington, MD

    Cleveland Clinic

    Cleveland, Ohio


  • Paul E. Epstein, MD

    University of Pennsylvania

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    The Respiratory System

  • Eugene Frenkel, MD

    University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

    Dallas, Texas

    The Hematopoietic System

  • Robert H. Haralson III, MD

    Maryville, Tennessee

    The Spine

  • Frank E. Jones, MD

    Nashville, TN

    The Upper Extremities

  • Philipp M. Lippe, MD

    Stanford University

    San Jose, California


  • James V. Luck, Jr, MD

    Orthopaedic Hospital

    Los Angeles, California

    The Lower Extremities

  • James R. McPherson, MD

    Mayo Clinic

    Rochester, Minnesota

    The Digestive System

  • Arthur T. Meyerson, MD

    New York University School of Medicine

    New York, New York

    Mental and Behavioral Disorders

  • Inder Perkash, MD

    Stanford University

    Palo Alto, California

    The Urinary and Reproductive Systems

  • Nelson G. Richards, MD

    Richmond, Virginia

    The Central and Peripheral Nervous System

  • Harvey A. Rubenstein, MD, FACP, FACE

    Georgetown University School of Medicine

    McLean, Virginia

    The Endocrine System

  • Joseph Sataloff, MD, MSc, DSc

    Thomas Jefferson University

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Impairment Evaluation and Records and Reports

  • Genevieve de Groot Swanson, MD,

    Michigan State University

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    The Upper Extremities

  • James S. Taylor, MD

    Cleveland Clinic

    Cleveland, Ohio

    The Skin

  • Dennis C. Turk, PhD

    University of Washington

    Seattle, Washington


  • Nancy Webb, MD

    Kelsey-Seybold Clinic

    Houston, Texas

    The Visual System

  • Scott Wright, MD

    Mayo Clinic

    Rochester, Minnesota

    The Cardiovascular System: Heart and Aorta

    The Cardiovascular System: Systemic and Pulmonary Arteries

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    Gerhardt JJ. Documentation of Joint Motion. Rev 3rd ed. Portland, Ore: Oregon Medical Association; 1992.

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