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AMA Guides Sixth 2023 Public Comment Information 

Public Comment Dates: September 5 - October 3, 2022
Deadline to Submit Request Form: September 29, 2022 (Please Check Back to View the Public Comments Received

This page is intended to provide information related to the public comment period for AMA Guides Sixth 2023. The information below shows the application ids, description of the proposal(s), and affiliated organizations submitting the proposal. These details are extracted from the proposals submitted for discussion.

Individuals and organizations are welcome to request a copy of any of the below proposals for review and/or provide official comment for consideration by the AMA Guides Editorial Panel prior to finalization and adoption. A completed Request Form for a copy of the specific application and associated materials is required, which also includes a confidentiality agreement and disclosure of interest form for signature.

Requests will be processed within 5 business days of request submission.  Please reach out to with any questions or to receive the materials via email.

The following proposals is being considered by the AMA Guides Editorial Panel for the 2023 update. 

Proposed Update Summaries Under Consideration and Available for Review

No proposals available at this time. Check the archive for past comment period information.


Affiliated Organization(s)

Proposal Description

Public Comments



Guidelines for Providing Commentary

To submit comment(s) for editorial panel consideration relative to the above proposals, please complete the required Comment Form by returning to

Please keep submit comments relevant to the changes outlined in the proposal. Comments that go beyond the scope of the proposal may not be considered. Commentary on grammar, spelling and syntax is not necessary. 

Submit one comment form per proposal. Submitted Comment Forms will be made publicly available.

Helpful Links

Request Form  

Commentary Form

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Public Comment Period Archive 

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