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AMA Guides 6th Edition Known Issues List

Thank you for visiting AMA Guides. As with many new site launches, there are unfortunately a few issues we are still in the process of fixing. We are actively working on addressing all of these. If there is an issue that you find that does not appear here, please Contact Us.

Issue Expected Resolution
Net Adjustment Formula: A Mathematical Explanation box is not displaying correctly in the chapter. Please use this page temporarily.  Fixed
Some other callout boxes are not displaying correctly in split-screen, please use Standard view if text is missing.  Fixed
Tables that are only referenced in callout boxes are not appearing in the Split screen Tables & Figures tab. Please use Standard view, click on the table reference to see a pop up, or use this page temporarily.  TBD
Links to the Appendix items Combined Values Chart and Burden of Treatment Compliance are going to the Table of Contents page. Please see Appendix.  Fixed
In split screen, some table names are appearing in the text without the tables. Please see the full tables in the Figures & Tables tab or in Standard view.   Fixed
Glossary terms do not appear in search. Please see Glossary.  1/22/21
Guides 6th Edition book cover image is missing Dr Brigham's name. Fixed
Formatting on Title page does not clearly distinguish the names from the other information about the contributors. Fixed
Table 16-24, Extension row, Moderate column should be 20-29º rather than 20-19º  Fixed
Some Newsletter articles have duplicate listings of tagged topics  Fixed
Chapter 14:
Example 14-3: Step 1, BPRS impairment score from Table 14-9 should be 15%, not 20%
Example 14-4: Step 1, BPRS impairment score from Table 14-9 should be 5%, not 10%
Appendix 16-A, Questions 3-5 are not appearing in split-screen  Fixed

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