Chapter 4: The Nervous System

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Chapter 4: The Nervous System
Table 4-1: Impairments Related to Aphasia or Dysphasia
Table 4-2: Mental Status Impairments
Table 4-3: Emotional or Behavioral Impairments
Table 4-4: Impairment of Consciousness and Awareness
Table 4-5: Impairments Related to Epilepsy, Seizures, and Convulsive Disorders
Table 4-6: Impairment Criteria for Sleep and Arousal Disorders
Table 4-7: Selected Optic Nerve Impairment Criteria
Table 4-8: Visual Field Impairment
Table 4-9: Cranial Nerve V (Trigeminal) Impairment Criteria
Table 4-10: Impairment Criteria for Cranial Nerve VII (Facial) and Adjoining Region
Table 4-11: Impairment Criteria for Cranial Nerve VIII (Auditory Nerve)
Table 4-12: Impairment Criteria for Cranial Nerves IX and XII
Table 4-13: Station and Gait Impairment Criteria
Table 4-14: Criteria for One Impaired Upper Extremity
Table 4-15: Criteria for Two Impaired Upper Extremities
Table 4-16: Neurologic Impairment of Respiration
Table 4-17: Criteria for Neurologic Impairment of Bladder
Table 4-18: Criteria for Neurologic Anorectal Impairment
Table 4-19: Sexual Impairment Criteria
Table 4-20: Determining Impairment Due to Pain or Sensory Deficit Resulting from Peripheral Nerve Disorders
Table 4-21: Determining Nervous System Impairment Due to Loss of Muscle Power and Motor Function Resulting from Peripheral Nerve Disorders
Table 4-22: Impairments Related to Syncope or Transient Loss of Awareness
Table 4-23: Impairments of Spinal Nerves in the Head and Neck Region
Table 4-24: Impairments of Spinal Nerves Affecting the Inguinal and Perineal Regions
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